• Why is deep, flowing water important for aquaculture?

    Deep, cold water and strong, flowing currents is the naturally occurring ecosystem in which salmon thrive. In addition to being the natural habitat that results in stronger health of Salmon, where temperatures are stable and water is continuously fresh, the placement in deeper waters is also better for the environment, as there is little alteration to the natural flow of water or change in the local hydrologic cycle.

  • Why is cold water important for salmon aquaculture?

    As cold-blooded fish, Salmon love cold water because it holds more oxygen compared to warm water and high oxygen level is necessary for a healthy fish growth. The higher concentration of oxygen allows the Salmon to rest and enjoy regular cardiac output. At higher water temperatures, Salmon need to compensate with increased ventilation, which uses up valuable energy resources and increases cardiac output, placing the fish under stress.

  • Do the hatcheries upstream damage the environment?

    Hatcheries upstream in the fjords, unlike inland hatcheries, result in no alternation to the natural flow of water and most importantly do not demand additional water resources to operate. The fish are produced in naturally flowing water and do not cause changes in the volume or ultimate destination of the water.

  • Do you use real wood when you smoke the fish?

    Yes, real aromatic Beechwood chips are used to smoke our Ocean Blue salmon delivering the delicious flavour our salmon and trout are renowned for.