Our commitment to sustainability

Ocean Blue is committed to sourcing all its seafood products in the most sustainable way possible, ensuring that future generations can equally share in the joy of quality seafood and a healthy planet.

Ocean Blue insists that all fish are bred or fished responsibly and processed in accordance with the highest of industry standards.


a sustainable protein choice

In addition to being a delicious, healthy, and nutritionally dense protein choice, farmed salmon is also a resource-efficient and sustainable source of protein.

Notwithstanding that around 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans, fish accounts for only 7% of protein consumption by humans. Conversely, consumption of protein derived from land animals currently account for over 30% of total protein consumption and with a rapidly growing world population, the demand for land animal protein and the resultant pressure on the environment is cause for concern.

Fish is the fastest growing animal-based food producing sector and has been enabled, in part, by developments in aquaculture, which is now the main source of the majority of fish produced for human consumption. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, by 2030, fish farms will provide close to two-thirds of global food fish consumption.

The carbon footprint of farmed Atlantic salmon is one of the lowest of all edible meats – being 39% less than poultry and 87% less than beef, making it one of the most sustainable protein choices.

As salmon is a versatile natural superfood and climate-friendly protein choice, human consumption of salmon is rapidly increasing and continues to be considered an excellent product choice for people and planet.
Salmon,<br/>a sustainable protein choice
Our Atlantic Salmon thrive in the cool, clear, protected waters of fjords situated in Norway – a country with a rich heritage of fishing of over 2,000 years. Norway also has some of the strictest controls globally for sea farming and the environment more generally.

In these long, deep inlets between high cliffs and connected to the sea, the salmon are protected by many small islands and rocks and have ample room to develop while freely swimming in the natural cold currents.

Combining extensive experience and advanced technology, Norwegian aquaculture farms monitor and promote healthy fish growth and food safety at every step—from roe to harvest and distribution.

Ocean Blue Salmon are raised at water depths well below the depths of commercially available Salmon from some other parts of the world. The additional depth provides the salmon with more consistent, cold seawater temperatures and greater oxygen levels, which are vital in promoting healthy growth of the fish and strengthening their natural defences against the risk of various health threats.
Over 92% of Ocean Blue salmon products are already Global GAP-certified and can be traced from production right to the end customer. Our goal is to ensure 100% of our salmon is certified by end 2024. For more information click the logo.

Aquaculture is one of the most efficient forms of protein production in the world that avoids the depletion of wild stocks of vulnerable fish species. It is estimated that between 75% to 80% of the world’s salmon harvest is farmed.

Ocean Blue insists on its Atlantic salmon products being sourced from reputable, responsible, and sustainable farmed fisheries.

Our suppliers ensure that the fish stock in their care is thriving, growing and healthy with all farmed fisheries being subject to strict environmental conditions and regular monitoring, including measuring the environmental impact on the seabed and ensuring that the fish are protected against injury, disease, and other hazards.

Ocean Blue salmon are fed a nutritionally balanced feed, which is completely free of any antibiotic, growth hormone, growth promoters or GMO.

Natural Ingredients

Ocean Blue believes there is nothing better than natural and fresh ingredients and that is why we strictly prohibit any additives such as dyes or colouring agents and artificial flavouring in any of our seafood products.

We insist that any ingredients used in addition to raw fish products (such as salt, spices, herbs, and smoke) are natural, fresh, and carefully selected so as to not compromise the flavour or quality of the end product.
Product Packaging
Ocean Blue seafood products are sealed freshly in packaging that ensures the integrity and freshness of the product, avoiding exposure to oxidation or other contaminants from production to your plate. Global food production is a major user of packaging and therefore a contributor to packaging waste. We recognise our responsibility to be part of this solution and to provide consumers better packaging options without compromising the freshness or quality of the product.

Ocean Blue is determined to become a leader in this space and is partnering with innovative suppliers in the development of future packaging materials to reduce the impact on the environment of food packaging.

Our goal is to have fully recycled, recyclable or compostable packaging by the end of 2025 or earlier.

Ocean Blue is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), a voluntary initiative tasked with delivering the Federal Government’s 2025 National Packaging Targets and a proud partner of the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL), supporting consumers’ participation in recycling program with the objective to simplify recycling per individual packaging component on every Ocean Blue products. Transition to ARL logos on pack will be completed by end of 2023.

For more information
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Ocean Blue takes responsibility for improving our sustainability and environmental impact very seriously. We have programs and targets in place to underpin plans that will reduce greenhouse emissions, plastic waste and eliminate food waste in our direct business operations.

As a condition of obtaining Approved Supplier status, all Ocean Blue seafood product suppliers have their own clearly articulated environmental & sustainability policies, programs and objectives and all suppliers undertake regular sustainability surveys.

We have made further commitments in aligning our efforts to achieve 10 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), together with our related companies, across 9 specific areas being:

  • Packaging
  • Emissions
  • General Waste
  • Food Waste & Sustainable Communities
  • Supply Chain Partners & Responsible Ingredient Sourcing
  • Social Sustainability & Ethical Labour Practices
  • Health-Led Product Portfolio
  • Responsible Production
  • Life Below Water

Click here to read the full Environment & Sustainability Policy of Ocean Blue’s parent company, Corval Group.

Beyond the

We understand that Sustainability is more than just the direct environmental footprint of our products. To be truly sustainable, we acknowledge that all areas of our business need to consciously address the environment in which we operate, the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, the wellbeing & sustainability of our communities and country.

Ocean Blue forms part of a suite of brands and entities owned by the Corval Group, a 100% Australian family-owned business which has been procuring quality food & beverage products for over 70 years. As a Corval Group entity, we are subject to the group’s unrelentless pursuit of sustainable and ethical trade and desire to contribute positively to our people and communities.

Click here to learn more about our Group wide policies and commitments, including our annual CSR reports.

Modern Slavery

Ocean Blue is committed to upholding human rights and ensuring that our entire supply chain is free of any unethical behaviours, particularly any form of modern slavery.

As part of the Corval Group, we have a multi-pillared human rights due diligence program including a Responsible Sourcing Program, which requires all suppliers to be regularly audited for social, ethical, and environmental aspects. The Group has a zero tolerance to any form of Modern Slavery. More details of this program and the relevant activity we undertake can be found in Corval Group’s annual Modern Slavery Statement.